Our Ethos

The Roche Approach: building a culture of kindness and respect

The Roche Approach informs our day-to-day running, long-term development, and, most importantly, it guides the way we support the children to fulfil their potential at school and beyond.

All educational establishments look out for the academic, creative and social development of their pupils. But we believe such progress is more sustainable, more powerful and more secure if it takes place in a culture which values inclusivity, mutual respect and a belief in all children, not just in a minority. Such an atmosphere is more likely to foster the key strengths of confidence, compassion, resilience and intelligence, which are important for the learning experience and of lifelong value to all.


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By enabling pupils to flourish in our warm and dynamic community, they are set up for life beyond The Roche. We hope that when they move on to their secondary schools, they do so as happy, confident individuals, capable of leading by example and contributing increasingly to society as they mature.

Challenge and High Achievement

At The Roche School, we understand that ability and talent are not fixed entities and that through effort, practice and great teaching, pupils become more competent in a given discipline. Our curriculum and setting system is focused on enriching and extending children based on their current ability.

For children who exceed age-related expectations, we offer enrichment opportunities both within and outside the classroom. In class, teachers use problem solving, philosophical inquiry and self-evaluation to deepen children’s learning, and pupils use a ‘question wall’ to challenge their thinking. Outside class, we participate in external competitions such as Maths challenges, Battle of the Books and debating in conjunction with other borough schools.