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Please note if clubs are oversubscribed children will be put on a reserve list.


Morning Football ClubRec-2FreeMr Francis/Meet at Wandsworth Park for 8am8-8:30
Orchestra3-6FreeMrs Katie/Hall. Must have been playing an instrument for at least one term8:30-9
Chamber Choir - Invitation only4-6FreeMrs Katie/Main School Hall11
Little Investors3-4£55Mrs Sabrina/ClassroomLunchtime
Lower School Ball SkillsRec-1FreeMr Francis/Wandsworth Park3:30-4:30
Junior Drama1-2£75Mr Aran/Dance studio HildenPick up 4:45
*Junior Football Girls and Boys2-4£40Mr Paul Michael, Mr Pete/Wandsworth Park4:30-5:30
*Senior Football Girls and Boys5-6£40Mr Dan, Mr Pete/Wandsworth Park4:30-5:30
Netball Squad Training - Invitation only5-6FreeMrs Maria/ Playground4:30-5:30
Morning Football Club3-6FreeMr Francis/Meet at Wandsworth Park for 8am8-8:30
Junior Choir1-3FreeMrs Katie/Hall8:30-9
Lower School NetballRec-2FreeMr Paul Michael/PlaygroundLunch 12:30-1:10
Spanish ClubRec-1£55Mrs Rocio/ClassroomLunchtime
Spanish Club2-4£55Mrs Rocio/ClassroomLunchtime
Spanish Club5-6£55Mrs Rocio/ClassroomLunchtime
BalletNursery£130Mrs Léa /Main Hall3:10-3:45
BalletReception£130Mrs Léa/Main Hall3:50-4:30
Junior GymRec-2FreeMr Francis/Miss Ja’tila School Hall3:30-4:15
French Computer Club (Junior)1-2FreeMrs Anna/ICT Suite3:45-4:15
French Computer Club (Senior)3-6FreeMrs Anna/ICT Suite4:15-4:45
Netball3-4FreeMrs Maria, Miss Ja’tila/Playground4:30-5:30
Morning RunningTBCFreeMiss Ja’tila, parents welcome/Wandsworth Park8-8:30
Senior Choir4-6FreeMrs Katie/Hall8:30
Percussion Ensemble - Invitation onlyTBCTBCMr JasonLunchtime
Junior Art and Crafts Club - Priority to newcomersRec-1£70Ms Susie, Mr Bayly/HildenLunchtime
Junior ScienceRec-1£75Mr Francis/Pavilion3:30-4:15
Senior Science Club2-6£75Mr Francis/Pavilion4:30-5:15
Senior Art and Clay Club4-6£75Ms Susie/Hilden4:30-5:30
Woodwork Club4-6£75Mr Bayly/Hilden4:30-5:30
Street Dance3-6£70Miss Allana/Hilden4:30-5:30
Junior Chess2-4£90Mr Phil/ClassroomLunchtime
Senior Chess5-6£90Mr Phil/ClassroomLunchtime
Art Club2-4£70Ms Susie/HildenLunchtime
Art and Model Making2-4£70Mr Bayly/HildenLunchtime
**Junior SwimmingRec-2£100Mr Francis/Tooting Leisure CentrePick up 4:15
Roche Robotics - Beginners4-6£90Jess Hobart/Pavilion4:20-5:20
Drawing and Technical skills4-6£75Ms Susie, Mr Bayly/Hilden4:30-5:30
Senior Swimming3-6£100Mrs Maria/Tooting Leisure CentrePick up 4:55
Senior Drama3-6£75Mr Aran/Main School HallPick up 5:15
Latin ClubAll YearsFreeDr Roche/Pavilion8:20-9
Musicianship-Instrumental exam Support- Invitation onlyTBCFreeMrs Katie/Music Room11-11:30
Astro Physics Club5-6FreeMr Alex/ICT Suite11-11:30
Art Club5-6£65Ms Susie/HildenLunchtime
Pattern and Print making5-6£65Mr Bayly/HildenLunchtime
Brass Ensemble - Invitation onlyTBCTBCMr OlaLunchtime
Grade 1 Ballet (RAD)1-2£90Ms Lucilla/Dance Studio Hilden4-4:45
Art Club2-4£75Ms Susie/Hilden4-5
Comic Book Club2-4£75Mr Bayly/Hilden4-5
Senior Netball – High 55-6FreeMrs Maria/Playground4:30-5:30
Junior JudoRec-2£75Mr Darren, Mr Adam/Main School HallPick up 4:30
Senior Judo3-6£75Mr Darren, Mr Adam/Main School HallPick up 5:30

*Football clubs that take place after school, will only run up to half term due to poor light in the park for the remainder of the term.

**If there are more than 8 children who sign up for the Junior Swimming Club waiting list, we will be able to run another bus accommodating up to 15 students.