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Clubs will start the week beginning the 12th September 2016.

*Cycle Club will run as a 4 week course, children will need to have a bike with them in school each Wednesday.

*All Football clubs will run until the week starting Monday 17th October (this is due to insufficient light to play in Wandsworth Park).

Please note if clubs are oversubscribed children will be put on a reserve list.

Autumn Term 2016

Club Year Price Teacher/Venue Time


Dance Rec-1 £70 Miss Lucilla/Main School Hall 3:30- 4:15
Lower School Football and Ball Skills Rec-1 £40 Mr Francis/Wandsworth Park 3:30-4:30
Junior Drama 1-2 £65 Mr Aran/Dance studio Hilden Pick up 4:45
Junior Football Girls and Boys 2-4 £40 Mr Pete, Mr Paul Michael/ Wandsworth Park 4:30-5:30
Senior Football Girls and Boys 5-6 £40 Mr Chris, Miss Alana/ Wandsworth Park 4:30-5:30
Little Investors 3-4 £55 Mrs Sabrina/ Classroom Lunchtime
A Capella/Chamber Choir 4-5 Free Mrs Katie/ Main School Hall 8:30-9am
Roche Robotics – Advanced 4-6 £90 Jess Hobart/ Pavilion 4:20-5:20
Netball Squad Training – Invite only TBC Free Mrs Maria/ School Play ground 4:30-5:30


French Computer Club (Junior) 1-2 Free Miss Anna/ICT 3:45-4:15
French Computer Club (Senior) 3-6 Free Miss Anna /ICT 4:15-4:45
Spanish Club Rec-1 £55 Miss Teresa/Classroom Lunchtime
Spanish Club 2-4 £55 Miss Teresa/Classroom Lunchtime
Orchestra 3-6 Free Miss Katie/Hall 8:15-9
Spanish Club 5-6 £55 Miss Teresa Lunchtime
Lower School Netball Rec- 3 Free Mr Paul Michael Playground Lunchtime
Junior Swimming Rec-2 £95 Mr Francis/Emanuel School Pick up 4:15 Tooting Leisure Center
Senior Swimming 3-6 £95 Miss Maria/Emanuel School Pick up 4:55 Tooting Leisure Center


*Cycle Club 4-5 TBC Mrs Julia – School Playground 8:45-9:20am
Morning Running TBC Free Mr Chris parents welcome (Wandsworth Park) 8-8:30am
Ballet (with pianist) Nursery £120 Miss Lindy Miss Lea/Main school Hall 3:10-3:45
Ballet (with pianist) Rec £120 Miss Lindy Miss Lea/Main school Hall 3:50-4:30
Junior Art Club Rec-1 £70 Miss Susie/Mr Bayly/ Hilden Lunchtime
Junior Science Rec-1 £75 Mr Francis/Pavilion 3:30-4:15
Junior Choir 1-3 Free Miss Katie/Hall Lunchtime
Percussion Ensemble TBC TBC Mr Jason Lunchtime
Senior Science 2-6 £75 Mr Francis/Pavilion 4:30-5:15
Squad Training – Invite only 5-6 TBC Mr Paul Michael, Miss Alana/ Park 4:30-5:30
Senior Choir 4-6 Free Miss Katie/Hall 8:30 Start
Senior Art Club 4-6 £75 Miss Susie/Hilden 4:30-5:30
Woodwork Club 4-6 £75 Mr Bayly/Hilden 4:30-5:30


Junior Gym Rec-2 Free Mr Francis/Hall 3:30-4:15
Junior Chess 2-4 £95 Mr Phil/Classroom Lunchtime
Art Club 2-4 £70 Miss Susie/Hilden Lunchtime
Art and Model Making 2-4 £70 Mr Bayly/Hilden Lunchtime
Netball 3-4 Free Miss Maria/Playground 4:30-5:30
Senior Drama 3-6 £70 Mr Aron/Main SchoolHall Pick up 5:15
Senior Chess 5-6 £95 Mr Phil/Classroom Lunchtime
Scholarship and Drawing portfolio 4-6 £75 Miss Susie/Mr Bayly/Hilden 4:30-5:30


Latin Club All Years Free Dr Roche/Pavilion 8:20-9am
Junior Judo Rec-2 £70 Mr Darren/Main School Hall Pick up 4:30
Art Club 2-4 £70 Miss Susie/Hilden 4-5
Comic Book Club 2-4 £70 Mr Bayly/Hilden 4-5
Senior Judo 3-6 £70 Mr Darren/Main School Hall Pick up 5:30
Art Club 5-6 £65 Miss Suzy/Hilden Lunchtime
Pattern and Print making 5-6 £65 Mr Bayly/Hilden Lunchtime
Senior Netball 5-6 Free Miss Maria/Playground 4:30-5:30
Brass Ensemble Tbc Tbc Mr Ola Lunchtime
Musicianship – Invite only Tbc Free Mrs Katie/ Music Room 11-11:30
Ballet 1-2 tbc Miss Lucilla/ Dance Studio Hilden 4-4:45 (TBC)
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Second Hand Uniform Sale Friday 14th October

Upper School Parents Meetings 18th/19th October

Lower School Parents Evenings 11th/12th October

STEM Week – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths at The Roche School

The week commencing 3rd October will be STEM Week at The Roche School, based around the theme of Water. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, so the week will involve many exciting experiments, challenges and construction activities. On  Monday 3rd October, STEM Week will be kicked off by a special whole school assembly centred on the theme of ‘Water’, led by a special guest…Science Man. Throughout the day every class will have a workshop looking at the importance of water, uses of water and water experiments. On Tuesday 4th October we will be holding a whole school ‘Times Tables Challenge’, where every child will compete (with differentiated tables) to gain as many points for their house as possible. Good luck! On Thursday 6th October, The STEM team at school will lead an interactive assembly and award prizes won during the weeks’ challenges.