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Year 1 Forest Walk


Year 1 recently spent the morning on  Wimbledon Common carrying out some Forest School activities.  They had great fun exploring the environment, including jumping in puddles, which the children happily  took to the extreme!  Having learnt about the artwork and sculptures of Andy Goldsworthy, they then went on a hunt to find interesting leaves and twigs  to […]

STEM Week Challenges in Year 2


Year 2 have been enjoying the challenges of STEM ( Science , Technology, Engineering and Maths) week, and behaving like proper scientists in their classrooms! They worked  scientifically to change liquids into solids using water and cornflour and then discussed and recorded their observations.   They also watched a demonstration  of how to turn a solid into […]

Making Goo!


Our theme for STEM Week this year,  (Science,Technology, Engineering and Maths ) , has been Changing States.  For the children in Reception, this involved making pots of coloured slime by mixing  glue, baking powder, contact lense solution and baby oil, with a choice of coloured glitter. They also enjoyed getting messy with chocolate, changing it from […]

Flamenco and Spanish Drumming


Year 4 had a very exciting morning learning about Spanish music and culture. The day began with a demonstration in the hall where the children found out about different types of  traditional dance and  were also treated to a demonstration of cajun drums.  They  then took part in Flamenco workshops  and drumming sessions – everyone […]

Wimbledon Common


Last  Friday, Miss Lydia’s class went to Wimbledon Common for the afternoon. The children splashed in puddles, looked for wild mushrooms and walked through the deep dark forest! The Roche School is committed to improving the learning experience of its younger children through participation in the Forest School curriculum and has now trained several of […]

School Twitter

7 days ago
Year 5 are enjoying cracking ciphers @bletchleypark - what are the secret codes....? TheRocheSchool photo
1 week ago
The Elf on The Shelf is being cheeky today in our Nursery. Here he is with one of our Nursery toys, having a Christmas tea party. TheRocheSchool photo
2 weeks ago
Our Festive Christmas Carol Concert is fast approaching - let this video get you into the spirit of the season and make sure you come to our 2017 concert in Wandsworth on the 13th of December! (details at the end of the video)
2 weeks ago
You may have already seen it on Facebook but here's our exposé on the new canteen - SPOILER; it's a hit!
3 weeks ago
Romeo and Juliet update - our performance will (almost certainly) be in the first half tonight. So either at 7 or 7.30pm!