Nursery Curriculum

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Our Montessori curriculum covers a broad range of subjects including:

Language: The children move towards reading and writing through a variety of practical activities. The letters of the alphabet are taught so that their sounds and shapes are associated. The children are encouraged to combine the letters to sound out simple words. Mark-making is encouraged using a wide range of equipment.

Mathematics: The children are introduced to varied exercises in number recognition and they become familiar with common practical uses of numbers, groups and shapes by handling, looking at and talking about sets of simple objects.

Sensorial:  The children are encouraged to use their senses more fully and with discrimination. Relevant objects and materials help them to experience the concepts of volume, shape, size, touch, sound, texture and colour.

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Practical Life: Practical exercises deal with common activities such as polishing, folding, sorting and pouring and self-care tasks so as to encourage the children’s self-reliance and their care for their surroundings.


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Nature, Culture and Computers: The children are encouraged to look attentively at plants and animals and to consider the conditions in which they live. They learn about various human customs and cultures helped by a stimulating range of pictures and objects. The classrooms have computers which the children use in several ways such as matching and sorting, studying shapes and pictures, number games and word-building, thus improving their control of the mouse. Each classroom has easy access to an outdoor play area which thus promotes outdoor learning.


Music and Movement:  Dance, singing and percussion are important parts of the week’s activities. A range of musical instruments is introduced and the children are encouraged to express themselves through singing, drama and role-play.

Art and Craft: The children work on one main project per term and this offers them opportunities to experiment with a variety of mediums such as paints, chalk, modelling clay and other materials.