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  • Week 0- Settling in
  • Week 1- The Astronoaut
  • Week 2- Musician
  • Week 3- Palaeontologist
  • Week 4- Engineer
  • Week 5- Circus Performer
  • Week 6- Half Term
  • Week 7- Confectioner
  • Week 8- Architect
  • Week 9- The Sky is the Limit
  • Week 10- Summer activities
  • Week 11- Last week of term

Lower Nursery



Upper Nursery

In Summer term, our Wandsworth Nursery project is 'The Sky is the Limit' and our Keswick Nursery project is 'The World is Your Oyster'.

Project day is on Thursdays and the topics we will be covering can be found under Curriculum Activities.