Year 4 Trip to New Barn

Year 4 have just returned from a residential trip to  New Barn Centre, a farm in Dorset that hosts educational visits. They began their adventure when they drove to Maumbury Rings in Dorchester. It was once used for hangings and as a Roman amphitheatre – now it is used more happily for concerts. The children saw the Roman remains of a townhouse, as well as an aqueduct and mosaic floor – some even climbed into a tomb!

In a pottery session, they were fascinated by a potter’s wheel, and saw how plates, jugs, and cups could be created out of a clay slab. The children then had a chance to experiment and create their own interesting clay creatures. On the farm, they learnt to cook using a ‘triangia’ stove and make shelters out of branches. Other activities included zorbing, where the children learnt to say ‘pineapple’ upside down, orienteering, and singing and eating marshmallows around a campfire. At Lulworth Cove, the children enjoyed hunting for fossils and learning about caves and arches in the world famous heritage site. The children had a wonderful time and would like to say a huge thank you to the staff who organised and accompanied them on this trip.

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