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Our co-educational nursery and primary school offer an engaging, challenging curriculum for children aged 2 to 11 in a family-like atmosphere.



Application Forms

Interested parents can complete an application form and return it with a £75 (£20 each for two siblings or more) administration fee. Provided we have space and the child passes our assessments, we accept applications for children of all primary school ages and we need any available information about the child’s aptitude and educational levels. Parents reserve the place they have been offered by making a non-refundable payment of the first instalment of the deposit. This should be done within 21 days of the offer date unless we write otherwise. Forms are available by emailing or telephoning the Admissions Secretary at admissions@therocheschool.com.


Nursery School Applications

Parents are invited in to visit the nursery before spaces are offered. Please call 020 8877 0823 or email admissions@therocheschool.com to arrange a tour. Upon receipt of your signed application form, you will receive written confirmation of your space.

For nursery school fees, please click here.

A non-refundable deposit is requested two terms before the child is due to join. This will be used in part payment of the curricular fees for the child’s final term at The Roche Nursery School, provided the office has received, on or before the first day of the school term, written notice of the intention to remove the child from the school, failing which the term’s full fees are payable.

Parents are also asked to provide the school with any information that will enable us to take the best care of their children. As part of the school’s start pack, parents are asked to provide relevant information so that staff fully understand the child’s needs prior to starting nursery.

As pupil numbers are strictly regulated to maintain the correct quota, a waiting list is drawn up once confirmed places have been allocated. Parents whose children are on the waiting list are encouraged to call the office for an update.


Reception Year Applications

Many pupils begin in the Reception Year in the September after their fourth birthday. Application forms are accepted in order of date of registration and a written confirmation of receipt will be sent. Places are confirmed a year in advance with the payment of the first part of a non-refundable deposit, the second part is due in the January prior to the September start. This deposit will be used in part payment for the child’s final term at the school, a full term’s notice in writing having been received by the first day of that final term. Later admissions for the year will be asked to pay the full deposit in one payment.

Children in either our Keswick House or Wandsworth Nursery Schools will automatically be offered a place in the appropriate Reception Year.

Year 6 maths


Occasional Places

For entry other than nursery and at the beginning of the Reception Year, please contact the admissions department. Should there be the possibility of a place we would ask for a copy of a recent school report along with any other available information concerning the child’s aptitude and education levels. A taster day can then be arranged so that we can assess your child.

On this day, candidates are assessed in reading, writing and number work. We look for potential as much as knowledge since our adaptable teaching method allows all our pupils to make good progress. Should we offer a place, a non-refundable deposit will then be payable. This deposit will be used in part payment for the child’s final term at The Roche School a full term’s notice in writing having been received by the first day of that final term.

Settling in

An information pack will be given with all details needed for a smooth introduction to school.

New families are invited to our Festive Fair and Summer Fete. At the end of the Summer Term, children are asked to join us to spend some time with their prospective teachers and meet their new classmates. Reception teachers will also visit their prospective pupils in their present nursery setting.

There are social evenings for parents at the beginning of the Autumn Term (after your child starts) and many social events for both children and parents throughout the year. A dynamic parent association - FORS - is committed to welcoming and involving all parents.

Please feel free to contact the Admissions Secretary Glenis Clark


+44 (0) 20 8877 0823

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