Animal Magic


This week, Reception were fascinated and intrigued by the visit of ZooLab – a team of Early Years specialists who provide children with animal learning experiences in a safe, secure, and stimulating environment under the supervision and guidance of expert ZooLab Rangers.

Zoolab provides ethical, hands-on animal encounters. They aim to amaze, educate and inspire Early Years children by introducing them to the natural world.



Our pupils learnt about all the animals – particularly their commonality with human beings.  Some animals have skeletons, for example.  Did you know that some creatures – like the snake – feel fear just as we do!  Children had the opportunity to hold or stroke the creatures – a cockroach, an African land snail, a rat, a snake, a spider, a frog and a millipede. The spider and the very large frog could bite so they had to stay in their houses in order to be admired but the children were allowed to handle the rest.  Well, some children handled them and others were content to observe!

Reception children told Mrs Adams that they loved seeing the animals; one little boy told me he liked the splendid tail of the rat and another little girl told me that holding the millipede felt like a “soft hairbrush” on her hand.

Learning actively in this way provides unparalleled opportunities for engagement and discovery and has been very enjoyable for our Reception pupils in their first term at the school.

Many thanks to ZooLab’s Liora, who expertly handled the pupils as well as the animals!