Endangered animals and trees have formed the focus for our Art Department activities this year.

Pupils have created representations of red pandas, birds of paradise and anteaters using batik form whilst lynxes, arctic foxes and leopards have been captured in clay.

The school is now hung with beautiful prints of polar bears and even endangered trees. At Hilden House there is a mobile of turtles hanging in the central stairwell. By the summer we will have a colourful and exuberant menagerie of flora and fauna which not only looks beautiful and striking but reminds us all of the need to protect our earth and the beautiful creatures on it.

It is an important part of the process that pupils thoroughly engage with the background to their work so as well as carrying out research before the project began, they are encouraged to discuss and articulate their work.


This emphasis on the spoken word is also true for our tiniest pupils.  Please see the video below to hear how this little three-year-old articulates his thoughts about the sustainable forest.