The Roche School, Frogmore, London SW18 1HW: 
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In Art, pupils receive an all-round aesthetic education that looks at a variety of artistic techniques and media.

Lower School

From Reception to Year 3, Art is taught by the class teacher as part of a broad and balanced curriculum. Our two specialist Art teachers, who are both practising artists, support and enable the teachers to align their Art lessons with their topics.


Learning from the specialists 

From Years 4 to 6, Art is taught by the specialist teachers in the well-stocked art room at Hilden House, where pupils have access to a diverse range of equipment and materials, such as a kiln, printing press and cameras.

Children are encouraged to use their sketchbook outside school to develop their own ideas and interests. These sketchbooks are marked regularly and prizes are awarded for outstanding work.

The pupils are inspired and challenged with complex ideas, such as two-point perspective drawing, as well as allowing time for free-thinking art. They are encouraged to find out about relevant artists in all artistic fields, be it Fine Art, Fashion, Graphics, or related arts like Car design, Web design and Architecture.


The Roche School, Frogmore, London SW18 1HW: 
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Developing key skills

There are regular observational drawing tests to establish development in that field and also to generate a love of drawing from an early age. There is an extracurricular club solely for observational drawing practice and numerous extra-curricular art and art-related clubs run for all ages in term time  and in the holidays; for example, we have Pattern and Printmaking, Comic Club, Wood Work and Ceramics.

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Over the years, a number of children have won Art Scholarships to secondary schools, and their portfolio preparation is fully supported by the Art Room. Please feel free to visit the school and see the results for yourself.