French Week – Superbe !


In a week when it was revealed that there has been a drastic drop in foreign language learning in schools, The Roche School was très fier to celebrate our annual immersion dans le français. French Week took place this year Monday 25th February – Friday 1st March 2019. According to a BBC report published the same week, students opting to take GCSE French has dropped by up to 50% in some areas since 2013. Click here to read more. So, as well as taking language education très sérieusement, we also like to make it interesting and to have a lot of fun learning French, as you can see in the video below of our Year 6 French assembly.





We start teaching French in Reception with a focus on songs and games, with written French introduced in Year 2 and grammar being taught in Upper School. See our French Curriculum page for more information. For our annual French Week, the whole school immersed itself in French language and culture across the curriculum. All year groups held French storytelling workshops. There was a delicious French breakfast including the très populaire pain au chocolat! On Wednesday, our school chef Michel prepared and served a tasty coq au vin lunch. Bon appétit!




In addition to the délicieuse French cuisine, les enfants also learnt about French customs and culture and, bien sûr, the children always love to dress up with the help of our Head of French, Miss Annalies. A highlight of French Week is the Year 6 assembly with a selection of short plays performed entirely en français. This year they chose to perform two French classroom scenes, and variations on the Goldilocks & The Three Bears (Boucle d’or et les trois ours) and Three Little Pigs (Les trois petits cochons) fairy tales.





Apprendre le français à l’école Roche est donc très amusant et très utile pour une vie meilleure, on est d’accord!