Number Fun

Maths is central to the school curriculum and at The Roche School we are always calculating a multitude of ways to make number crunching fun! Here are numerous examples of creative maths lessons from this Autumn term so far.

The Nursery have been busy learning their numbers and what better way to do this than to hop onto a number and ring their friends!

Miss Lydia’s Maths group have been focusing on addition within 20. They got to play Addition Bingo and everyone loved it. The winner of each game got a Golden Token. The class were encouraged to use their fingers, Numicon or as a challenge to use their brains to work out the answers.

Year 2 had fun comparing the weights of different objects against a bag of sugar or a paper clip.

In Year 4, the children have been exploring Maths with our new selection of resources. Here, they are having fun making a variety of 2-D shapes with the same area using pegboards and elastic bands. Practical activities are a great way for children to explore Maths; cooking at home, which uses measures and quantities, is particularly fun.

Year 5 worked on ordering decimals up to the thousandths and including negative numbers. Mr Ricki kept a keen eye out for effective teamwork as well as accuracy.