Oh là là

Our annual Semaine française at The Roche School has been another grand succès and has been received very enthusiastically by all pupils! They immersed themselves in French culture and have enjoyed celebrating different aspects of this wonderful country.
All children had the chance to participate in food-tasting sessions in class. They tried fromage, madeleines and des biscuits, which proved very popular although the Camembert and Brie seemed to be more of an acquired taste.  I was very impressed on how the children articulated their opinions in French. I am starting to think I should use food more as an incentive!
Chef Michael and his team provided a French-inspired hot lunch which is always wonderful.
On the menu this year there was coq au vin and gâteau au chocolat.
We are very lucky to have some native French speakers at the Roche and they kindly agreed to read a lovely story to Lower School. It takes courage to read in front of a class, especially in another language. We are very proud of them.
On Friday, we had the eagerly awaited dressing up Assembly. It was so lovely to see all of the children engaging with each other on what everyone was wearing. We saw Coco Chanel, French footballers, Camemberts, Marie Antoinette and a lot of bleu/blanc/rouge. Such a joy to see the national colours of France emblazoned everywhere.
Of course, le petit déjeuner is always one of the highlights of French week and this year was no different. The children devoured their croissants and pains au chocolats while watching the fun French videos made by Year 6 via the Zoom Assembly.
I would like to thank all children, parents and staff for engaging positively and making French Week another memorable experience.
Merci beaucoup!
Madame Anna