IMG_6719 RThe Mathematics curriculum at The Roche School provides our pupils with essential and motivating learning. Throughout the school, pupils are guided through a comprehensive curriculum of Number, Shape and Space and Data Handling. Once foundations are secure, our pupils enjoy applying their knowledge to real life mathematical problems and investigative tasks. The curriculum aims to ensure that pupils are fluent, confident and flexible in their understanding and application of mathematics.

Early Years: 

Core concepts within mathematics are presented to the children with a great deal of ‘hands on’ experience. These are solidified with practice using a variety of multi-sensory approaches. In the first term, the focus is on number quantities and the symbols for 1-20. We also explore 2D and 3D  Shape and Patterns. We then move onto addition and subtraction, non-uniform measurements and begin work on Time.  In the third  term, the children develop their adding and subtracting skills and develop their understanding of Time. They start to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Key Stage 1 and 2: 

Children  work on the core topics of Number, Geometry and Handling Data.  Over the course of KS2, children increase their fluency of arithmetic, their flexibility in approach and their reasoning skills – all core strands of the new National Curriculum.  They also begin to work on Algebra. In Year 5 our students move on to an 11+ curriculum in preparation for their entrance exams in Year 6.


Regular formative assessment in the classroom ensures that pupils at The Roche School are continuously progressing. Individual feedback allows them to assume responsibility for their own learning, set goals and become more independent learners. Children work in sets, at levels appropriate to their ability and pace of learning. There is movement between the sets according to individual progress.


Yearly, our pupils are encouraged to compete in external challenges, which, in the past have had a positive impact on the learning and self-motivation that our students exhibit. We also aim to embed mathematics in many cross-curricular activities, enjoying chess tournaments, guest speakers and STEM challenges.

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Run For Us - Friday 13th May

I am pleased to inform you that The Roche School will be holding its annual Cross Country event on Friday 13 th May 2016 in Wandsworth Park. The arrangement this year, however, will be a little different since I would like to try out a format which has worked well for me in previous years. What is a 6 hour Run for Us event? The event will start at 9am and will run until 3pm. The rules are simple: every class will have at least one member from their class (or a representative such as a parent) on the track at all times of the day. The children will be scheduled for 30-minute slots where they can run, walk or skip around the course aiming to complete as many laps as they possible. Classes will also have the chance to come and run as a whole class during the day. The main aim of this event, as in previous years, is for the children to raise as much money through sponsorship as possible. All the money raised will go towards our school charity, Doctors Without Borders UK or to Vulindlela Guardians - the chosen charity of St Mary’s Church in Putney. Sponsorship: A sponsorship form is on the rear of this letter. Once sponsorship money is collected please return it to your class teacher. Sports prefects will also be collecting for the charity on the day. There are two ways of getting sponsorship! The first is an amount per lap that your child completes, EG £1.00 per lap. Every child will have a run card attached to them during the day. Every time they come through the starting line, their run card will be stamped by an adult. This will be the evidence to show those who sponsor per lap as the children will not be able to collect the money from these sponsors until after the day. The second way is a set amount for the whole day/taking part, EG £30.00 total. Parents are more than welcome to come and join in and run a lap or two in support of the children. A copy of your child’s class run roster will be sent home so you know what time they will be running. On the day itself, the children may come to school in sporting kit. This could be the school sports kit but we will allow other team kits (Chelsea football kit/rugby tops/ weekend sport kit, karate kit etc... anything to do with sports). Please remember that they still need to be able to run the course so trainers are essential. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Kind regards Mr Pete Clark Deputy Head of Sport

Finishing Times - 23rd March 2016

Please see Parents Page for details of finishing times.

Parent Survey - Please respond

In order to receive parent views on the school, we have produced an online survey. We would be grateful if as many parents as possible could complete it. Further details will come home with your child. The information will be analysed by the senior management team and will inform the school development plan. Thank you for your time on this. Kind regards Jonny Gilbert Deputy Head Teacher The Roche School