Budding Journalists

Budding journalists in Year 6 have practised their skills by writing articles on two recent school events – the Stephen Lawrence Assembly and a talk on the UN Sustainable Goals.

Please read on for their articles.


Stephen Lawrence Day Assembly

On 22nd April, The Roche School participated in Stephen Lawrence Day. Miss Allana talked to Years 5 and 6 about Stephen Lawrence and Doreen (his mum). She told us about Stephen and what happened to him way back in 1993 when he was only 18 years old. We watched a video which showed us that Stephen wanted to become an architect but sadly never had the opportunity to reach this dream. Stephen was murdered in a racist attack in the 1990s; he was attacked by a group of men who were never brought to justice.

The video explained that his mother Doreen has worked hard to secure further reforms of the police service. It also spoke about the Stephen Lawrence Museum which features his belongings and own architectural designs. I felt shocked to hear what had happened to Stephen and I hope that racism will stop altogether.



Zafiris Tzannatos on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

My grandpa was visiting London and came to The Roche School to give us information about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). I think his talk was very important to help us learn about the Global Goals and what we can do to help meet them.

When he showed us how the richest countries are dealing with the Global Goals, I think we were all pretty shocked because it was only the Nordic countries that have managed to get on track to meet a few of the goals; many other rich countries are doing badly because they have made very little progress.

After having listened to the talk, I think that the students in Year 6 will do their part and be an influence for younger children to take part in helping the planet and each other. When we were shown pictures from poorer countries such as Tanzania, it showed children in a very simple house that didn’t even have electricity so I think this showed us to be grateful and humble for how we live.

We are also lucky to go to such a great school because in some places, like the village in Tanzania, they have only one school without any facilities and equipment with kids of all ages in one class. It’s harder to learn things when you have different aged children in the same class because it isn’t easy for a four year old child to understand what a ten year old child should learn.

I was very happy my grandpa came to give the talk which was very interesting to all of us and I will remember it for a very long time.