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Welcome to The Roche School's Remote Learning area.

Here you will find all of the daily Sports Challenge video clips.

Sports Challenge Archive 2021

Mr Paul-Michael kicks off a new season of remote sport sessions with a lesson on ball skills.

Mr Paul-Michael presents Part 2 of his lesson on ball skills.

Mr Dan gets your hearts pumping with three cardio exercises in today's sport challenge.

Another workout with Mr Dan as he works on our arms and core for today's sport challenge.

Mr Owen does some quick turns as he aims to improve our agility starting with a warm up.

Miss Megan presents some basic fundamental football exercises including close control, first touch and footwork.

A warm up run, dynamic stretching and hurdles are on the sports agenda for today.

Miss Maria presents a fitness regime with weights and starts off with some warm up exercises.

Mr Owen takes us on a bike ride in today's sport challenge and talks us through some safety essentials.

Mr Paul-Michael takes us through some football skills including dribbling and shooting.

Miss Maria keeps our netball skills sharp with an expert refresher on Netball drills.

We start the week with a Mr Dan workout. Today he works on our legs and core.

Miss Megan demonstrates some throwing skills. You will need a soft ball and a target.

Mr Pete and his two helpers sprint towards half-term with this indoors or outdoors running challenge.

Miss Maria works on our cricket skills including bowling, throwing and catching.

Mr Owen sets us a cycling time trial in today's sport challenge.

Mr Paul Michael continues his series of ball skills focusing on hand and eye coordination.

Part 2 of Mr Paul-Michael's Fitness series. Lot's of stretching in the set today.

This sport challenge is no walk in the park as Mr Owen takes us on a park run.

In this sport challenge Mr Owen aims at angry birds.

Mr Owen couldn't make it to a sunny beach so he settled for the local park for today's sport challenge of volleyball exercises.

Miss Megan hosts this Sport Challenge focusing on fitness with warm up and Boxing exercises.

Mr Owen takes us running, jogging, walking and stretching. It is called Fartlek training. So stop giggling and get running!

Mr Owen has an endurance fitness test for you called the Cooper Run, otherwise known as the 12 minute run.

In this sport challenge Miss Megan gives us a Core & Arm fitness workout with football.

Mr Dan gets our hearts pumping with his cardio exercise. But first, the all important warm up.

Mr Owen starts the week with a Duathlon sport challenge that can be done inside or outside.

Miss Megan follows up on last week's football sports challenge with more ball control skills.

Mr Pete has a series of fun exercises, demonstrated today by two school helpers.

Mr Pete has a series of fun exercises, demonstrated today by two school helpers.

Dig out your superhero costume and help save the planet while getting fit with Mr Owen.

Mr Paul-Michael touches down for the return after half-term with a set of rugby skill exercises.

Miss Meghan takes measure and gives us a workout with weights in today's sport challenge.

Mr Owen takes us on a run punctuated by regular stops for exercises.

Mr Paul-Michael presents the first of three fitness workout sessions starting with the all important warm-up.

In this third and final part of Mr Paul-Michael's fitness workout sessions, he works on the core and shoulders.

Sports Challenge Archive 2020