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Roche TV

The Roche School celebrated the Jubilee with a Festival Friendship & Culture on 16th June 2022

The Roche School Nursery children transform their classroom into an art exhibit, as inspired by the work of famous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama

Year 5 Shakespeare Club performed at the Rose Theatre in Kingston

Remmbrance Ceremony 11th November 2021

Year 6 performing at the 2021 Woldingham Choir Festival

On World Book Day 2021 we staged Roald Dahl's interpretation of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Year 6 perform The Beatles classic Hey Jude. A song of hope and comfort for the New Year. Sung at our unusual  Christmas Concert 2020. We look forward to returning to All Saints Church this year!

Year 3's project on India coincided with Diwali – the Indian Festival of Light. In addition to exploring aspects of India pupils experienced a wonderful Bollywood-style dance workshop

Watch our colourful Parade for the Jubilee Festival of Friendship & Culture in its entirety!

The Remote Chamber Choir's performance of 'We'll Meet Again' received extensive coverage as part of BBC TV's VE Day special broadcasts

Year 5 Shakespeare Club - Macbeth

On 5th March 2020 The Roche School joined with schools in over 100 countries around the world to celebrate World Book Day

Turning our attention to Scotland’s poet Robert Burns, with a special performance from bagpiper Alistair Adams

Performing Freiheit's 'Keeping The Dream Alive' at the 2019 Christmas Concert at All Saints Church, Wandsworth

The Roche School Choir perform 'Shallow', a poignant song for these times, from our Summer Concert 2019

The Roche School Remote Chamber Choir singing We'll Meet Again as seen on BBC1 Breakfast, BBC News and BBC London