Rocking the Stone Age

This term, Year 3 have been learning about life in the Stone Age which culminated in a fantastic assembly on Friday 3rd of December. Through our lessons and a trip to the Chiltern Open Air Museum, the children were able to give extensive and detailed information about the kind of food, homes and clothes that were prevalent at the time. The children were particularly interested in the hunting techniques used to kill woolly mammoths and other large and dangerous animals. They also enjoyed thinking about the original purpose of Stonehenge and had many interesting suggestions for its original function.

Our assembly combined factual information with drama to make this period of time come alive. The children also gave a lively rendition of three Stone Age songs followed by a dance that expressed creatively some of the themes and ideas explored this term. We loved the change of mood at the end of the dance where there was a switch to the Flintstones theme music to end the dance. Animal print outfits dominated the show and for once a dirty face was a plus! The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the preparations for the assembly helped to consolidate their learning on this subject.