The Roche School, Frogmore, London SW18 1HW: 
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Roche pupils take forward ideas on behalf of other pupils and contribute to the
School Evaluation and Development Plan with the head teacher and senior management.

Across all years, pupils elect a classmate from each class to represent them at School Council. Children choose a topic or area to discuss at weekly meetings relating to school life. The question is then taken back to each class and class reps relay all contributions at the next meeting. Topics include improvements to the playground, feedback on homework and enjoyment of lessons.

School Council Garden pic


The children recently asked for the playground wall to be painted. A consultation was carried out to ask children about the types of pictures they would like to have and a local artist used these to create a design. The artwork has been enjoyed by all children across the school and has inspired imaginative play during break times.


The School Council also requested for Late Class to be held in the playground, which has now been made possible throughout the week.

The Council continues to provide a forum where children’s views are voiced and acted upon in a democratic way. We seek to further explore issues raised by the children themselves as well as by the staff.

School Council Policy