The Roche School’s annual ski-trip took place March 23rd – 29th 2019 at the spectacular resort of Madesimo, in the Italian Alps. It is located in the Province of Sondrio, close to the Swiss border north of Lake Como. It is the second year that we have chosen Madesimo because of its excellent facilities. The altitude also guarantees good snow and ski-ing conditions, even in the late season. The Hotel Arlecchino, where we stayed, has very friendly staff, ample and tasty food, a pool and a club for our apres-ski activities which this year included a fun quiz compiled and presented by Mr. Alex, a disco evening, a movie night and a treasure hunt around the hotel. On the last night we also enjoyed a movie made about our week on the slopes. The highlights can be seen below.



Open to our Upper Years (5 & 6), the ski-trip provides many learning opportunities for development says The Roche School Headmistress Vania Adams. “It is not just about the level you are at. It is about enjoying the environment, getting better at something or starting something for the first time. It is about being together and being part of a team. Most of all it is about fostering independence. For a week, the children have no screens, they don’t talk to their parents and during that time we expect to see their confidence soar.”

Day 1 on the slopes saw bright sunshine and temperatures up to 20 degrees with the snow beginning to melt! Fortunately the temperature dropped and we had a top-up of fresh snow on Tuesday before sunnier weather with cooler temperatures gave perfect conditions for the rest of the week.



The beginners were soon leaving the nursery slope for blue and red runs whilst our more experienced skiers improved on their technique and had fun with off-piste moguls. “I was very impressed,” says Mr. Ricki about his advanced group. “Very quickly they learnt to refine their technique. They understood that it wasn’t just about getting down the mountain quickly, but about the skill and control that they displayed whilst doing that.” Head of Sport, Mr Pete was happy with the progress that all of the group made during the week. “It was amazing to see the children progressing during their lessons, especially those who had never skied before and ended the week on blue and red runs!”