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Peter Clark – Head of Sport


It has been a very active half term for The Roche School Sports Department and a great start for our new Head of Sport, Peter Clark, with excellent results from our Netball and Girls’ Football teams. As Mr Pete explains, our sporting philosophy is not all about being victorious. “Our emphasis on sport is not just about winning. It is about the children learning how to win gracefully and understanding how to lose gracefully. It is also about working together as a team, knowing how to support each other, practising good sportsmanship and enjoying sports,” says Mr Pete who also confirms the continuation of our successful non-gender bias policy of inclusiveness for all in the wide range of sports on offer.







Netball – Our Netball teams continue to perform well with a string of wins, most recently in the Hi5 Netball tournament (left) at the Aspire Centre in Wandsworth (Wednesday 13th February). Out of 36 teams who originally played, both our A and B teams made it to the finals alongside two other schools.




Football – The Roche School Girls Football Festival is now in its 3rd year and will take place in Wandsworth Park on Friday 15th March 2019. Organiser Allana Ashmeil says, “My idea was to create an event that raises participation levels and gets more girls playing the sport. Having a festival, instead of a tournament, eliminates the focus on scores and places an emphasis on skills and teamwork. It has been great to see more schools take part each year. Feedback is always positive and this event creates firm links with other schools, both state and prep. The number of girls participating has also increased with over 150 girls ready to play this year – our highest number so far.” To top off a great afternoon, every player leaves with a medal and certificate. “I believe festivals such as this allow players to really enjoy themselves which should be the main focus of any sport,” adds Ms Allana.




Hockey – The Roche School recently took part in our first ever Hockey Festival. This was a taster as we are looking at including hockey in the curriculum. Boys in every year group from Year 3 – 6 took part in the festival. The event took place between 23rd January and 11th February at Goals Wimbledon.





Rugby – Our Rugby teams have also tried very hard. As a result, we have scored some great wins. On Tuesday 12th February, The Roche School Year 4 Rugby 7s team scored a 20-15 win against Eaton House in Wandsworth. It was an amazing game!







Cross Country – Year 3 – 6 pupils took part in a local cross-country event held at Tooting Common. All students ran a one mile race with five other schools competing. Everyone put the effort in and finished the race. We had three children who finished in the top three positions.



Gym – Back indoors, Year 1 pupils were pushed to their limits in a fitness lesson with Mr Pete (left). They learnt about the function of the heart and the corresponding importance of fitness. Year 6 pupils  were visited  by Ezekiel Ewulo (right), a Team GB Long Jumper. All three classes endured intense fitness sessions before a Q&A session. He congratulated Year 6 for raising over £500 for Team GB athletes across the country to help with their access to high-quality training facilities.



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The Roche School, Sports Team

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