The Roche School was a hotbed of scientific and mathematical enquiry as the children threw themselves whole-heartedly into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Week. Across the school, pupils busied themselves learning about engineering and getting an insight into working in the field. Reception Class made Lego bridges that could support a variety of animals and characters, while Year 1 created some ingenious back-scratchers which were imaginative and soothingly practical. Year 2 enjoyed the challenge of mathematical work and finding who could build the tallest free-standing towers. The ‘Three Little Pigs’ assembly brought to life the difficulties of trying to work out which materials are best suited to building, and produced some excellent scientific hypothesising.


In the Upper School, Year 3 explored the best shapes for making bridges and created their own out of straws. Year 4 had a thrilling visit to the Science Museum, and made and tested a variety of prisms in maths to discover which ones make the best Roman columns to hold up bridges. Year 5 got hands-on, making bridges, towers and electrical circuits. Year 6 had fun designing and launching a variety of rockets which were powered by chemical reactions.

The whole school got involved in the ‘timed times tables challenge’, which saw an incredible 15,064 questions answered correctly. Congratulations to Blue House who pipped Red House by 69 points, scoring an amazing 3,995 points.




Moreover, there were exciting interactive assemblies throughout the week, including human bridge-building with Mr Francis and the unforgettable wooden bridge structure created by Mr Ricki and Mr Pete; fingers crossed it stays up for next year! We were also delighted to have an engineering presentation from ex-pupil, Claudia Hill, who is off to continue her studies at Harvard – proof that the engineers of the future can be found right here at The Roche.