Voyage français

From the 24th to 27th September, Year 5 had a fantastic trip to France. Staying in the Chateau du Tertre, they immersed themselves in French culture, practising the language at every opportunity.

One of the trip’s highlights was the magical visit to Mont Saint Michel. The pupils explored in groups and were complimented by the locals on their manners. They then visited the medieval city, Fougères, with its magnificent castle, one of the finest fortresses in Europe. The children let their imagination run wild as they went back in time, seeing themselves as knights and damsels walking around the ramparts.

After a good night’s sleep and a delicious breakfast of croissants and chocolat chaud, the children went to the local market to source ingredients for their lunch. This was when their  French bargaining skills came in handy! In groups, they prepared a banquet which was later judged on value for money, creativity and nutritional value. The results were a true feast for the eyes.


Next on the list was a goat farm where the children petted the animals and learned how to make goat’s cheese. The teachers were proud that everyone had a go at the climbing activity, and it was lovely to see the children encouraging each other to get to the top. After a full day of activities, the pupils relaxed by the campfire, singing songs and roasting marshmallows. A perfect ending to the day.

French teacher, Madame Annelies, could not have been happier with her pupils:

“I am very proud to say that Year 5 behaved impeccably and enthusiastically in all activities. It was lovely to see friendship groups blossom so early in the academic year and the children returned home exhausted, delighted and with many happy memories.”