Year 6 Finale

Year 6 pulled out all the stops for their final Roche School production, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

The team of Josephs, sporting a beautiful coat lent by St Paul’s Boys’ School, conveyed the character’s change of fortune alongside top notch acting, dancing and singing from the rest of the cast. Cameos that made the audience collapse with laughter included a rock and roll Pharaoh turned Elvis, a strikingly convincing impersonation of Trump, and a flirtatious Mrs Potiphar.


What also shone through was the team spirit from the pupils, teachers, and parents involved, a real example of The Roche Approach; the children managed to get the show together in a mere five weeks, and some Mums were beavering away sewing costumes and doing makeup up until the last minute. Year 6 has had a tough, action-packed year. They have engaged in charity work, embarked on two residentials as well as numerous trips, and delivered in exams. However, their vivacity and sense of humour have never wavered.


Headmistress Mrs Adams was full of praise for them:

“It was a real pleasure to see so much talent and personality unleashed on stage. The show celebrated the unique gifts of our Year 6 pupils and was the perfect finale for their final year at The Roche School.”