Education at The Roche School is creative, interactive and dynamic. Rich, thought-provoking lessons ensure that there is challenge for all.

We provide a high level of challenge for all learners. Continuous observational assessment and termly testing gives teachers keen insight into children’s strengths and areas for development so that we can provide a bespoke curriculum that stretches all needs and maximises progress. We follow the National Curriculum and move towards the Independent Schools Examination Board syllabus in preparation for the 11+.

The Roche School invests in a high level of staffing to ensure careful attention and staff training reflects current national and international teaching recommendations. Our teachers understand that their own development is a key part of their role and they develop reflective habits, informed by high-quality and relevant educational literature, alongside an excellent understanding and application of teaching and learning.

As a result, our children develop mature learning behaviours that are transferrable across the curriculum. We take key strands from Growth Mindset (C, Dweck), Building Learning Power (G, Claxton) and Advanced Performance Characteristics (D, Eyre) to make sure that all children are building behaviours that will drive intellectual confidence, curiosity and progress.


Teachers use formative (observational) assessments throughout lessons, alongside aspirational and engaging learning opportunities to enable all children to fulfil their academic potential. Teachers have a keen awareness of each child’s next steps and they equip them with the awareness, tools and knowledge to drive towards these.

Kate class

Children with additional needs, such as SEN, EAL or medical, have regularly updated Pupil Passports that are written in collaboration with and reviewed by teachers, support staff and external agencies where appropriate. If a child has an external assessment from an educational psychologist, speech therapist or occupational therapist, relevant staff meet the parents to discuss the findings in the report. Appropriate strategies or interventions are then put in place. Additional support is offered to children who need it, whether this be in class provision or specialist one-to-one support. Our SEND Department works closely and effectively with external agencies so that every child’s learning need is met.

We believe all children should thrive and have an enriching, positive time during their primary school years. We strive to play to their strengths, praise their successes and ensure that they leave The Roche as robust, confident learners with behaviours and habits that will see them succeed in their next educational setting.

For more details, please click here to read our High Attaining Children Policy and Assessment Policy.

Additional information for SEND families can be found on the Wandsworth THRIVE website.