Our language teaching exposes the children to other languages and cultures, thereby helping them to become global citizens with an open-minded outlook.

Currently, French is taught at the school with the aim of enabling our children to reach and recognise a confident level of competency, and promote an interest about the wider world. French Week sees the whole school immersing itself in French language and culture. Listening and speaking is taught through expressive songs and games that feed into written language structures and grammar rules.


The Roche has also introduced a Spanish Bilingual Stream.

Alongside the traditional, high quality provision for English Reception pupils, we are excited to be running a bilingual stream class from September 2022.

Mornings in the Spanish Bilingual Stream consist of the same high quality curriculum in English as the English Reception, and afternoons involve English Curriculum-based lessons in Spanish, all delivered by a fully qualified teacher with in-depth Spanish fluency.

Our current host of specialist teachers in music and sport provide further enrichment to the children’s learning.

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A Love of Languages

The importance of learning languages at primary school level has long been established at The Roche School as pupils learn one from Nursery upwards. Every year, we celebrate our relationship with France and Spain with a wonderful Languages Week.

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La Douce France

Year 5 enjoyed a magnifique trip to France. They stayed in a château near Boulogne, immersing themselves in French language and culture over three days. A highlight for many of the pupils was a visit to a snail farm, where they could touch and taste les escargots (and even put them on their face!). The children loved these experiences and had the most wonderful time. Super!

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Residential, educational trips give children wonderful opportunities to connect with the outside world, developing their experience, independence and confidence with their safety-conscious, beloved teachers!