The Roche School, Frogmore, London SW18 1HW: 

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The Roche Approach underpins our daily life producing intelligent, compassionate pupils with a can-do attitude!

The Roche Approach refers to the dissemination of Roche School values in a way which is easily understood by all pupils and staff.

We work from the premise that a strong values-based system and an atmosphere of kindness, understanding and respect minimises the likelihood of behaviour which is antithetical to the learning and development of our pupils.  The Roche Approach is therefore instrumental in sustaining the safe, confident and lively atmosphere that is found at the school.

R – Respect

O – Open Mindedness

C – Compassion

H – Humour

E – Effort

The Roche Approach is displayed in all classrooms and is the bedrock on which we conduct our daily lives.  It is so embedded in our community that is referred to in a much wider context by parents as well as children.  It is not focused on the narrow management of behaviour but on building a culture in which any action not conducive to happy and motivated learning is managed through reflection and support.  Our values are re-iterated on a daily basis and pupils who have been an outstanding example of one of the Roche Approach values is celebrated in assembly every week.

Policies relating to Behaviour Management and Anti-Bullying can be found here.