Our curriculum helps pupils feel flexible and confident in their understanding and application of Mathematics, Science and Technology.

Mathematics teaching at The Roche School guides children through a mastery-based curriculum that encourages confidence and fluency, a critical eye and flexibility in problem solving. Core concepts in Mathematics are presented to the children with a large proportion of hands-on experience. These are consolidated with practice using various multisensory approaches. As children progress through the school, they become more fluent in arithmetic, and develop their Mathematical reasoning. Extra-curricular challenges, tournaments and events offer opportunities to motivate children outside the classroom.


Our Science curriculum makes sure that all children are equipped with the ability to explore, discover and investigate their world through first-hand experiences. We offer rich, dynamic and interactive learning that leads to an appreciation of how Science is embedded in everyday life. Children are curious and ask interested questions, underpinned by scientific facts and vocabulary and the motivation to understand more. Opportunities inside and outside the classroom, like our annual STEM week, bring scientific enquiry to life.

The Roche School’s Computing curriculum excites children about technology and its fast-developing possibilities. Children are taught how to explore a variety of technology and media efficiently, as well as more specialised software skills. All children receive thorough internet safety teaching each year so that they understand the role of technology in their personal lives and how to use it responsibility and safely, and this is supported by our annual parent talk. Pupils are taught how to recognise and deal with acceptable and unacceptable behaviour online, and they learn about the positive and negative impact social media can have on individuals and how they can be good digital citizens.

For more information on how Maths lessons are organised and the strategies that are taught, please see our Calculation Policy and Mathematics Policy.