In Humanities, we seek to understand how different views, values and perspectives influence people, places, the past, our environment and the future.

Our teaching of Humanities promotes a clearer understanding of why the world has evolved as it has, how we are interconnected and how we can contribute to it, making secure and sustainable choices for the future. Staff training and curriculum reflections have been led by social enterprise The Black Curriculum, to ensure the above is underpinned by social and global awareness as well as discriminatory literacy and fluency.

Subjects are taught explicitly, but a philosophical approach is taken throughout, encouraging questioning and the formation of opinions about the world. Philosophy lessons in Years 4 to 6, using the Philosophy for Children model, further drive critical thinking and enquiry into all areas of the curriculum.

Humanities 1

Through PSHE and Relationship and Sex Education, children learn key skills in forming and nurturing healthy relationships with themselves and others, driven by self-awareness and confidence. By the time children leave The Roche School, they are prepared for transition into senior school life and beyond. This comes from our in-depth teaching and learning, but also our child-centred approach to education and the enrichment opportunities offered through trips, workshops and assemblies.