Roche pupils take forward ideas on behalf of their peers and contribute to the School Evaluation and Development Plan with the headteacher and senior management.

Children from Reception to Year 6 have the opportunity to be part of Pupil Voice. One pupil from each class is elected by their peers to be their representative.

The meetings are led by the pupils, with guidance from the Pupil Voice coordinator, Miss Kate. In each meeting the children discuss the ideas from the suggestions board, follow up on previous meeting targets and continue working towards new projects. The children ensure that their classes are kept up to date and are part of discussions about up and coming initiatives.

The class representatives work alongside Miss Kate to implement new projects. This can include organising meetings with relevant people to discuss their support in new projects, discuss and decide costings of products, design the buddy bench and help sell merchandise at school fairs and events.


The children undertook a survey in their classes about new merchandise. They decided on water bottles and the Pupil Voice team decided that they needed to be metal and not plastic. We then ordered ‘Roche School’ water bottles, worked out costings, deals and profits for the house charities and helped to sell them at the School Fair, selling over 40 water bottles!

Pupil Voice are passionate about is the environment.  We discussed how we could play our part in helping the world. We now recycle pens through the company ‘TerraCycling’ and we clean and recycle the yoghurt pots from lunch with Wandsworth Council, alongside our the whole school paper recycling. Read more here.


Pupil Voice thought that the buddy stop needed a revamp! They wrote a letter to invite FORS to a meeting to discuss buying a buddy bench. The children gave their reasons and we were lucky enough to be bought a buddy bench for the playground. We have designed a bright and colourful bench and it will be in the playground soon!

The children recently asked for the playground wall to be painted. A consultation was carried out to ask children about the types of pictures they would like to have and a local artist used these to create a design. The artwork has been enjoyed by all children across the school and has inspired imaginative play during break times.


Pupil Voice continues to provide a forum where children’s views are voiced and acted upon in a democratic way. We seek to further explore issues raised by the children themselves as well as by the staff.