Roche School teams are very successful in the competitive fixtures they play against other schools in all sports.

We place equal value and emphasis on confidence and skill presentation levels. We adjust our teams regularly in block fixtures with similar schools in order to maximise the number of children taking part and to ensure that these fixtures are evenly matched. We also compete in large inter-school weekend sporting competitions where we have been hugely successful. Within the school, we hold house competitions in all the major sports.



21/01 Year 6 Netball Tournament Hosted by Newland House Win
22/02 9.30am Year 5/6 Netball Tournament vs Burntwood School Win

Boys' Football


Girls' Football


24/01 2pm Year 4 Girls’ Football vs Ibstock (H) Draw
07/02 3pm Year 5 Girls’ Football vs Ibstock (H) Draw
11&12/03 Year 5/6 Girls’ Football tournament @ St Georges Park Semi-Final
14/03 1.45pm 3/4 Girls’ Football vs Dolphin (A) Win



24/01 2pm Year 4 Boys rugby vs Ibstock Win
07/02 3pm Year 5/6 Rugby vs Hill House (H) Win
21/02 2pm Year 4 Tag Rugby vs Northwood (H) Win
27/02 1.50pm Year 4 Rugby vs Finton House (A) 13-12 loss
28/02 2pm Year 3 Tag Rugby vs Finton House (H) 5-4 loss
03/03 2pm Year 3 Tag Rugby vs Eaton House (H) 5-3 loss



20/01 1.30pm Year 5/6 Girls’ Hockey Tournament Hosted by Dolphin School Group Stage Finishes
24/01 3pm Year 5/6 Hockey vs Hill House (H) Draw
31/01 1.30pm Year 3/4 Girls’ Hockey tournament Hosted by Dolphin (A) Group Stage Finishes
28/02 Year 3/4 Hockey Newland House Win