The Roche School is a co-educational nursery and primary school educating children aged 2 to 11 in a family-like atmosphere.

The main entry point is in the nursery and Reception Year but there may be occasional places.


Registration Forms

Parents should complete the form and return it with a £75 (£20 each for two siblings or more) administration fee. We are happy to accept applications for children of all primary school ages and we need any available information about the child’s aptitude and educational levels. Parents reserve the place they have been offered by making a non-refundable payment of the first instalment of the deposit. This should be done within 21 days of the offer’s date unless we write otherwise. Forms are available by emailing or telephoning the Admissions Secretary at


A non-refundable deposit of £3900 for the main school or £2100 for the nursery is required to secure a place. Once the child has started at The Roche School, this deposit will be used in part payment of the final term’s fees, notice having been received on the first day of that final term that the child will be leaving. For children in the Reception Year, the deposit is due in two instalments: the first in the September prior to the academic year the child starts, and the second two terms before the child starts. For children in other years, the deposit is paid in one instalment.

Occasional Places

Children interested in gaining a place in Years 1 to 6 will be invited to spend a morning or full day with their prospective classes so that we can ascertain their educational level and so that they can participate in lessons and meet the teachers. School reports are required prior to their visit and candidates are assessed in reading, writing and number work. We look for potential as much as technical knowledge since our adaptable teaching methods allow all our pupils to make good progress.

Admissions 1

Settling in

In the Summer Term before the children are due to start, they can spend a morning at the school to meet their teacher and future classmates. Parents receive an information pack explaining the health charter, arrangements for communication between parents and teachers, the uniform, dates for the coming year, the Early Years grant (where applicable) and a list of children in the year group for parents who wish to get in touch with each other. There is also a social evening for parents and teachers during the Autumn Term.

We are always happy to answer any questions parents may have. Please feel free to contact us: