Roche children develop in confidence, creativity and communication through a wide range of stimuli in Art, Music and Drama.

Artistic expression and presentation underpin much of the children’s daily experience at The Roche School where pupils are encouraged to take risks, and creativity and independent thought are nurtured. Imagination is inspired through fun and engaging Art, Music and Singing lessons and a cross-curricular approach to Drama. Our specialist teachers challenge the children to explore their musicality and artistic prowess freely, whilst learning the foundational skills. Presenting with a good, confident use of voice is prioritised: all year groups deliver a yearly production or a Soapbox presentation on a topic of their choice. Our aim is for all children to be inspired and challenged artistically.

In Art, pupils receive an all-round aesthetic education that looks at a variety of artistic techniques and media. Our two specialist Art teachers support Lower School teachers and teach in our fully resourced art studio in Upper School. Observational drawing is encouraged from an early age, and pupils can explore media and equipment with our extensive resources, kiln, printing presses and cameras.

The Arts 1

Our termly school concerts feature the orchestra, junior and senior choirs and also children playing or singing solos or duets. Family members are welcome.

A short film on the role and importance of Music at The Roche School.

Royal academy

Royal Academy Artists

The Royal Academy received over 21,000 artworks from artists aged 4 to 19 for selection into the Young Artists’ Summer Exhibition 2023 – only a handful were chosen to participate in the online and gallery exhibition.

We are thrilled that three of our pupils’ works were accepted. Click here to read more.

Nursery Art

Nursery's project on ‘Terrific Transformations’ made our little learners question, examine and predict a variety of fascinating facts. Each week, they explored the incredible concept of transformations from everyday occurrences to more obscure concepts, creating many awe and wonder moments.

In one instance, the transformation was taken to a whole new level as the children turned their classroom into an art exhibit, as inspired by the work of famous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Armed with colourful sticky dots, the children converted a very bare and pure white space into a contemporary masterpiece.