Prospective parents are welcome to visit the nursery and school by appointment, or on our open mornings.

Principal Dr James Roche and Headteacher Mrs Vania Adams outline the school’s outstanding academics, engaging wider curriculum and nurturing pastoral care. Visitors are then shown around the school by a pupil. Mrs Adams, Dr Roche, Mr Gilbert (Deputy Head) and Mrs Clark (Admissions Secretary) can answer any questions, and Mrs Gabriella Emery (Head of Nursery Schools) is available to show prospective parents around the nursery.

To secure a place on an open morning, please contact or phone 020 8877 0823.

Nursery open day on Wednesday 26th April, 2pm

Open day on Friday 5th May, 9.15am-11.30am

Future open days

 Wednesday 14th June, 9.15am-11.30am

The Roche School class of 2022, and beyond, love us so much that they returned for our Saturday Open Morning in September and were outstanding guides.

Headmistress Vania Adams introduces The Roche School

Deputy Head Jonny Gilbert with an in-depth presentation

Our three Year 6 guides take us on a virtual tour of The Roche School.

Welcome to Reception at The Roche School. Come and have a look at all of the exciting things that we do here with Early Years Coordinator Kate Wiffen and Headmistress Vania Adams.


Open Morning September 21st 2019

It is an Open Morning tradition at The Roche School that our pupils act as guides for prospective parents to show them our premises and facilities. It also enables our visitors to ask questions about daily life at the school directly to our pupils.

The first Open Morning of the school year takes place on a Saturday and another tradition is for former pupils to come back and act as guides for this event. It is a sign of affection that these pupils have for their former school, that so many of them volunteer. A big thank you for all of the Years 7, 8 and 9 pupils who so expertly acted as guides on our recent Saturday Open Morning.