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House system

Our House System gives children a taste of what it means

to be part of a community and play to their strengths.

All pupils belong to one of the four houses which are named after a historical, local figure: Turner, Wren, Nelson and Eliot. They quickly form an allegiance to their house and the system nurtures fun and friendly competition at house events, as they fundraise for their chosen charities.

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Foodbank Friday

The Roche School’s fortnightly Friday Foodbank kicked off in September 2020 with many kind donations at the school gate. Donations are given to Dons Local Action Group who distribute to those in greatest need. Families bring in items such as tinned food (fish, meat, vegetables & fruit), pasta, rice, loo roll, personal hygiene products and cleaning products. Read more about our work with Dons Local Action Group here.

Year 6 Community & Fundraising

Turner House (red): be the best you can be

The house motto, 'Together We Strive,' pervades everything they do. House members are kind, caring and considerate, with a passion and drive for success.


Turner House Charity - Glass Door

Supporting the homeless in London.

Wren House (blue): work together to support great causes

Their motto is ‘Friendship and Wisdom.’ In 2019, they supported the charity Crisis and raised over £2,000 through cake sales, a cross country run and other events.


Wren House Charity - Kidcare International

A Christian organisation dedicated to supporting families, underprivileged children and building up communities.

Eliot House (green): find your talent and confidence and support one other.

Their motto, ‘Every Day is a New Day,’ instils perseverance and determination to succeed in all areas of school life.


Eliot House Charity - London Wildlife Trust

Protecting wildlife across London.

Nelson House (yellow): strive in all things academic or sport related

They take pride in their abilities and respect those of others. The children of Nelson House do exactly what it says on their crest - 'Dare to Succeed.'


Nelson House Charity - Headway

Supporting patients and families who suffer from brain injury.


Our Christmas 2019 appeal supported Crisis which requested donations of warm coats, boots and water bottles in order to help the homeless cope with the demands of a cold winter.

Crisis is the national charity for homeless people. They help people directly out of homelessness and campaign for the changes needed to solve it altogether.

We set up a collection point for the mornings of Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd December and we delivered thirty-three bags of arts & crafts, coats, jumpers and food. Click here for more about Crisis.