The Roche Approach underpins our daily life, producing intelligent, compassionate pupils with a can-do attitude!

The Roche Approach is the ethos that runs throughout everything we do in school. Our warm and nurturing environment has the values of Respect, Open-Mindedness, Compassion, Humour and Effort at its heart. We are committed to fostering this in every child who joins us, resulting in children who contribute positively as global citizens. Our children are also given a plethora of opportunities outside the classroom to embed this: Forest School is a key part of learning at The Roche and encourages a deep and enduring appreciation for the natural world whilst building self-confidence, resilience, critical thinking and a passion for future conservation.

Approaching the 11+, we fully prepare all children for their examinations without making them feel overworked or over-pressured. We foster a strong, collaborative and communicative relationship with parents throughout the process and our highly-experienced 11+ teaching staff and key relationships with a wide variety of senior schools ensure the best possible outcome for the children.

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We are aware that school trips bring lesson content alive and increase the pupils’ intellectual curiosity whilst helping them to develop new skills; this is why we organise a range of trips in London and further afield throughout the year. Trips include everything from places of cultural and historical interest to outdoor adventure centres, and involve overnight residentials in Upper School, including the very popular ski trip.

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The Roche School is proud to support the wider community, working with local charities within Wandsworth and globally. One of our four Year 6 Committees, the Community & Fundraising Committee, organises and leads fundraising events throughout the year and motivates generous cooperation from our children by leading assemblies on various topics and sharing the impact of their donations. Our Sports, Eco and Roche Approach Committees take on other responsibilities and events to make sure that our school is child-led. This promotes leadership that will support them in their transition to senior school.

Reception in the Wild

Reception’s topic, ‘creatures great and small’, sparked an animal-filled trip to the Wetlands Centre. Whilst there, they learnt about various birds, did pond dipping and found a wide range of wildlife. The children were also excited to observe otters collecting twigs and reeds for their shelters.


The Roche School’s annual ski trip for Year 5 and 6 takes place in stunning resorts in the Italian or French Alps. The altitude in our chosen locations guarantees good snow and skiing conditions, even in the late season. We love to see the children's independence blossom during this trip.

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Charitable Blueprint

The Roche School's work with a local charity has been instrumental in developing a blueprint for how schools in our area can support those in need, whilst giving children a valuable educational experience.

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