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Parent talks

Parent Talk on 11+ Maths

Parent 11+ Talk from Head of Putney High School, Suzie Longstaff


Parent Talk on 11+ English

Parent Talk on Behaviours for Learning

11+ Talk with Headmaster Andrew Hammond, Hall School Wimbledon

11+ Talk Reading and the 11+ Exam - the Importance of Comprehension

11+ Talk with Headmaster Will Williams, Kew House School

11+ Talk with Head of Lower School Ed Lance, Epsom College

Mr Lee, Head of Maths, shines a light on maths homework

Parent Talk on Lower School Maths

Parent 11+ Talk from Head of Kingston Grammar School, Stephen Lehec

Head of Early Years, Mrs Luci Ducker-French, delivers a talk to help you understand how you can best support your child as they prepare to start school for the Reception year.

Parent Talk - a Diversity Update on the school's steps to be fully inclusive of their community

Parent Talk on the Global Outlook Within the Curriculum

Parent Talk on Demystifying Reports

11+ Talk with Principal Silas Edmonds, Ewell Castle School

11+ Talk with Linda Underwood and Charlotte Owen, Woldingham School

11+ Talk with Head Fionnuala Kennedy, Wimbledon High School