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Headmistress's Message

Vania Adams School Desk Yellow Dress crop

I am in the enjoyable position of leading a school where a warm, dedicated team of teachers ensures that pupils come to school each day with a high level of confidence and enthusiasm.

Our curriculum is taught by inspiring teaching staff who work hard individually and collectively to ensure that pupils fully achieve their potential whilst they are with us. Attitudes to learning are important: we encourage pupils to enjoy challenge whether they are working together or independently. In academic subjects, we run small classes where children benefit from personal attention and support. We are proud of our strong academic record with pupils gaining places at top London secondary schools and we encourage pupils to excel. We are aspirational for all of them in the most holistic sense.

Children equally enjoy having the opportunity to develop beyond the classroom by taking part in a wealth of extra-curricular activities which include further classes in art, dance, sport, music and languages, often with specialist teachers.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion and the resulting cultural mix at the school with its emphasis on respect, inclusivity and understanding ensures that the atmosphere at the school is happy and polite. Strong, comprehensive pastoral care and The Roche Approach system of values emphasise the centrality of kindness and respect towards others.

Do come and see us. We welcome communication with parents and prospective parents.

Vania Adams, Headmistress