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Assemblies bring the school together to celebrate achievements, impart news and explore various topics, with a focus on the pupils’ spiritual development and wellbeing.

There are three assemblies each week: Friday is a whole school assembly and Monday and Tuesday are for the Upper and Lower School respectively.

Assembly begins and ends with a short piece of recorded classical music, sometimes including pieces from ballets or operas; the children are told a little about when the music was written, by whom and about its style and context. We sing hymns both ancient and modern and read vivid stories from the Old and New Testaments and other significant texts. We comment on the historical and religious significance of the passage whilst respecting each child’s religious point of view.

Assemblies are planned to reflect seasonal occasions such as Remembrance Day and Harvest Festival and there are also themed assemblies for Book Week, French Week and Poetry Week.

Visitors are welcome to attend the Friday Assembly since it is a good opportunity to sample the warmth and enthusiasm of the school.