Assemblies bring the school together to celebrate achievements, impart news and explore topics, with a focus on pupils’ spiritual development and wellbeing.

Assemblies at The Roche School are enjoyable, thought-provoking occasions designed to cover a wide range of events, celebrations and purposes. There is an assembly for Upper School each week (which includes the famous Soapbox Sessions from Year 5) and one for Lower School. Friday is a whole school assembly with plenty of singing and even some dancing.

Music – both traditional and modern from a range of cultures is a strong feature of our assemblies with either our jazz pianist Mr Gunther accompanying the children (with Mrs Katie leading the singing) or Mr Lee and Mr Gilbert on their guitars. Traditional hymns are taught and sung as well as modern pieces such as Hey Jude, Hallelujah and even American Pie. We love music and believe it cements a community together.

Assemblies are planned to reflect seasonal occasions such as Remembrance Day, Harvest Festival, Diwali or Easter. There are themed assemblies for Book Week, French Week, STEM week and Shakespeare Week. Classes share the work they have done together with presentations on Islam, India, Egypt and the Stone Age to name just a few. In fact, Assembly is precious time when we come together to consolidate the values of the school and celebrate the learning that has taken place.  We are an inclusive community which seeks to allow all voices to be heard and celebrated during this time together.

Golden tickets are given out for the The Roche Approach with pupils who have shown an outstanding demonstration of school values being applauded. The Pupil Voice committee have a platform and Year 6 announce the sports results and the workings of their own committees. The Friday assembly often features visitors too particularly when they come to say thank you for our fundraising. These charities do a great deal to educate and inform pupils in terms of service to others.

Visitors are welcome to attend the Friday Assembly since it is a good opportunity to sample the warmth and enthusiasm of the school.