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Our vision and aims

As educators, we believe that intellectual, creative and social development is more comprehensive and secure if it takes place within an educational setting and culture which places a high value on individual worth, respect for others, personal responsibility and kindness.

We are committed to giving our pupils the kind of start in life which ensures that they grow to be happy, confident and authentic young people who are intellectually discriminating, socially intelligent and motivated.  Roche School pupils enjoy many exciting and challenging opportunities in an atmosphere which is warm, stimulating and encouraging.

We aim to produce:

  • Intelligent, open-minded individuals who belong to the local community but are also able to think as global citizens with an understanding of the wider world.
  • Learners who understand that effort and a growth mindset are required for the fulfilment of potential.
  • Individuals who can work alone or as a team – for the benefit of themselves and for others.
  • Children who love and respect one another and who are free from prejudice.
  • Children who care for the environment and understand how they can make a difference.
  • Children who are expressive and articulate. Our pupils are confident thinkers and speakers and we encourage freedom of expression in terms of ideas and opinions.
  • Physically active children who enjoy Sport, Drama, Dance and time spent outside in nature.
  • Children who are emotionally secure, able to articulate their own needs and build healthy, relationships.
  • Pupils who go on to succeed at secondary school and enjoy taking their place in the wider world.
  • Children with a good sense of humour who love school and enjoy their lives.

Our History and Alumni

The Roche School started life with five children in 1983 as Mrs Roche’s Coaching Establishment in West Kensington. The focus on “thorough teaching in a homely environment” was popular with families, and led the tutorial school to grow to three classes in two years. Pupils achieved excellent results including scholarships to top schools like Westminster, Wycombe Abbey and St Paul’s, whilst having lots of fun with language lessons and sports and cultural outings organised by Mrs Roche.

In 1988, the move was made to the current Wandsworth location and the school officially became The Roche School. This was when Dr Roche joined the team, bringing with him a love of Maths and Science. He was followed not long after by some of our longest standing staff like Mrs Clark, Mrs Gabriella and even Headteacher Mrs Adams!

In the style of a genuinely family-owned organisation, Dr and Mrs Roche’s daughters have often acted as school mascots; as a baby, Sophie Roche appeared in plays and joined Mrs Roche on school visits, and Sarah Roche has been a member of the school orchestra for many years.

Our alumni continue to show their allegiance to The Roche School: several current staff were at school here, former pupils love to come back for their gap years, and some ex-pupils have even sent their children to us!

Please do contact us if you would like to re-visit or share memories of your time at The Roche School: alumni@therocheschool.com

James teaching Maths history