Maths Tournament


Yesterday, three of our finest Maths brains from the lower school took part in the Wandsworth borough 24 Maths Championship.  In the first round, The Roche School Team  scored the highest team score of all 17 competing schools with 143 points

Fire! Fire!

P1040773.jpg RR

Year 1 made a model of Pudding Lane and recreated the Great Fire of London! Mr Francis was on hand to spark the flames ( using his brillo pad and a battery) and Ms Alys made sure there was a

Lego Heaven in Maths


In Year 4, the children have been working together using Lego to make their own 3D shapes. They learnt that they need to count the dots to ensure their cubes weren’t cubiods and making pyramids is tricky!

Reading Talk – by Mel Parrish and Louise Coghlan


You are warmly invited to attend a Reading Talk given by Mrs Melanie Parrish and Miss Louise Coghlan on Wednesday 10th February at 6.30pm – 7.30pm in the school hall. The talk will  outline the key principles involved for any

Movie Night

IMG_4269 R

On Saturday 23rd January The Roche School held its termly Movie Night,  ran by Natasha Lykopoulos and Amy Gaiger. It was, as always, a hugely popular event with 95 children attending. The children were fed dinner in the school hall and watched

New Year at The Roche

IMG_2500 new yr

Miss Chloe’s Year 4 class began the term with a fun and international celebration of the start of the New Year. They had learnt how to say ‘Happy new Year’ in eight different languages and thought about the different ways

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Reading Talk

You are warmly invited to attend a Reading Talk given by Mrs Melanie Parrish and Miss Louise Coghlan on Wednesday 10th February at 6.30pm – 7.30pm in the school hall. The talk will  outline the key principles involved for any parent wishing to help their child with their reading and give advice and support to those wishing to volunteer to read in school.  The talk is suitable for parents in both Lower and Upper School and will cover decoding as well as reading for meaning. It is of the utmost importance that parents help establish and maintain good reading habits throughout the primary years: a facility with language is greatly to the advantage of the child. We do hope you will be able to join us.  There was a very good turn-out at the Sports Meeting  and I hope that this meeting will be equally well-attended. Refreshments will be served.  

Growth Mindset Talk Thursday Feb 25th.

All parents are warmly invited to an evening event at the school, when Jonny Gilbert, our Deputy Head Teacher,  will be giving a talk on ‘Growth Mindsets.’ Based on recent scientific and educational research, an understanding of mindsets has been shown to enhance children’s academic attainment and engagement.  Staff have been given training in this field during the school year and are applying the methodology in lessons. In essence, mindset theory is based on recent neuroscience that proves ability is not fixed and that through effort and challenge students can exceed their own expectations. Having a particular understanding and approach to this can improve outcomes in the classroom. Parental understanding in terms of how best to support their child can also be very helpful. Prior to working at the Roche School, Jonny was consultant and co-ordinator for Gifted and Talented education in Richmond Borough and has trained numerous schools in mindset theory. The talk will take place in the school hall from 6.30-7.30pm on Thursday 25th February. Refreshments will be served from 6pm. If you are planning to come along, we would be grateful if you could email .

French Week starts Monday Feb. 8th

During our annual French Week,  the whole school immerses itself in French language and culture across the curriculum. The school takes part in a delicious French breakfast and baguette lunch. After French assembly, organised by Year 6, all classes take part in French storytelling workshops with a French theatre group. Year 6 travels to France for a 2 day trip to Boulogne-Sur-Mer. The visit includes a trip to a crêperie for lunch, a chocolate factory and  a traditional bakery where the children learn how to make croissants and bake traditional bread. We also visit local shops and do a fascinating Town Trail along the Medieval Ramparts.

Next Open Day – Friday 11th March 2016

Prospective parents and others are welcome to visit the School by appointment, or on our Open Mornings and Open Days. Please come along and see what The Roche School has to offer. There will  be Open  Mornings on:
  • Friday 11th March 2016
  • Friday 6th May 2016
  • Wednesday 22nd June 2016
  • Friday 7th October 2016
  • Wednesday 16th November 2016
At 9.30 there will be a short talk by Dr James Roche (Principal) and Mrs Vania Adams (Head Teacher) after which visitors are shown around the School premises and the classes by the older pupils. Mrs Vania Adams, Jonny Gilbert (Deputy Head) and Mrs Glenis Clark (Admissions) are freely available to give any further information as requested. We will also be holding an Open Day on Saturday 17th September 2016, from 10.30 am -12.30 pm.