Year 6 Art Exhibition

Over the years we have been very lucky to have been granted use of a variety of public spaces to display and celebrate the diverse and individual pieces of art that the Year 6s create in their final year. It culminates in a fun-filled private view for the young artists and their relatives and supporters, usually in the Summer Term. This year, the exhibition was hosted at Liliya Art Gallery in Putney.

Way back in 2009, Ms Susie became artist in residence of the DeMorgan Collection, which was housed in the building of the former Wandsworth library, while also being the artist teacher at The Roche School. This was the beginning of the annual Year 6 Roche School Summer Exhibition.

Ms Susie decided, along with the curator of the DeMorgan Centre, that a public exhibition of the children’s art was a wonderful way to instil a sense of pride and understanding in their work. To show a piece in an exhibition within a gallery setting, which can be viewed by the outside world, is a huge honour. It brings a normality to the expectations of the children, making museums and art galleries part of their learning about art and culture, and allowing this to filter into them becoming adults with a love for the arts. An equal space to display all the work of the Year 6s was important too: it is devoid of competition and allows the art to be viewed on its own merit.

The gallery spaces that have been used since 2009 are the DeMorgan Museum, a gallery owned by the Van Wulsum music agency, The World Heartbeat charity offices, the international Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Kram (used for exhibitions to continue during the pandemic) and in 2023 the Liliya Art Gallery on Putney High Street.

We are looking forward to the next lot of exhibitions and if you know of a local space that is happy to have an excellent art exhibition to happen in the future, please be in touch!